How to Eliminate Your competition, Buy houses Worry-Free and Sell ’em FAST

Even Though the Real Estate Market Sucks



Let me tell you that bandit signs are the number one way lots of investors Buy and Sell Property. Personally I only use Bandit signs to Sell a House and They Work like a charm. The reason I do not use them to buy anymore is because in my town the Code enforcement hates them, but for some reason they do not mind them as much when you are advertising a house for sale. Maybe its because the house is Sold in Days so the sign does not stay out very long.

So what kind of signs should You get?

Personally I had success with White Card board or Hard Plastic Signs With Blue Lettering. Some people will tell you that you will get a better response with Hand written Signs, I do not know but if I were you I would test a few professional looking signs and then test some hand written signs and see. But I like White with Blue.

What Should your Sign Say?

There are Several Different Phrases to Put on your Signs.

When Buying Houses Simply Put “I Buy Houses Ca$h” then your Number


Something Like One of those will Do Just Fine.
Need signs?

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Bandit Signs Really Just Need to get the message Across that you are looking to Buy a house quickly and for ca$h. Pretty Simple concept. Believe me when I tell you that if you put these signs out you will get tons of calls from sellers. I put out around 15 signs my first time, before the code enforcement hassled me. And I got 5 calls my first day.

Where should you put these signs?

When looking for Motivated sellers you should put these signs around busy intersections, in front of wal-mart, Home Depot, Lowes, anywhere you think that lots of people will see them.

I would recommend not putting them on Telephone poles, you will get a call from the code enforcement.

When Selling a House?

When Selling a house you will want to paper a half a mile radius around your house with signs.

Your Signs Should Read

Must Sell 3/2 House

Over 10k Below Market

(555) 555-5555

It Can Read Something Like that or What ever You would like it to Read. If you are wholesaling a house, have it read something like these.

Handy Man Special.

House Must Sell Today!

Fixer upper

Below Market Value

Something that just Comes Across that you have a Cheap house For Sale.

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