There are Thousands of So Called Real Estate Investing Experts, Guru’s and Coaches out there. How do you find the Good Ones?

Well I think the Key is to do your research. You need to figure out first what type of investing you want to go into.

If you have no money right now, I would recommend getting into wholesaling.

The best way to learn real estate investing is to learn from people who are currently investing in real estate. Find real estate investors in your area and have them teach you. Work for them. But a lot of us love to educate ourselves so buying real estate courses can be fun.

I have spent around $10,000 on my education so far and am always learning more.

So who do I recommend as Good Real Estate Investing Experts?

  • Preston Ely
  • Than Merril
  • Larry Goins
  • Nathan “the Short Sale Kid”
  • Stacy Kellams
  • William Bronchick -The Ultimate Buy and Hold and His Asset Protection Stuff
  • Brian Haskins
  • Mike Collins
  • Chris Chico
  • Rich Dad – All of their Rich dad Books are Amazing

There are Several more Great guru’s out there but I am just putting up Experts that I have Learned from and people who’s courses I have bought