Nathan Jurewicz Aka”The Short Sale Kid” aka “Stick Boy”

Nathan is a 29 year old real estate investor from Tampa Florida who specializes in Short Sales. He has developed a system where he can flip 20 houses a month without ever seeing the house, talking to the bank or even talking with a seller. How does he do it?

He has out sourced his entire business and have realtors and a loss mitigation team doing all his work for him. Who would not want to learn how to do this.


Short Sale Riches

You Thought Short Sales Were Hard?

You Thought Wrong – Because With This System, Now They Are Easier To Close Than a Conventional Sale!

Short Sales riches is an automatic system where you can find and resell pre-foreclosure properties without barely lifting a finger.

  • Your lead generation is automated, with prospects banging on your door to give you listings.
  • No negotiating with the banks… you have that done for you, with our hands-off negotiating strategy
  • Buyers will be stalking your listings, eager to buy your next property… sometimes sight unseen!
  • Best part – there is little or no competition in this market. When you know the easy way to find and resell quickly, you’ll roll the profits in like waves to flood your bank account.

Do you want to be a victim of this recession, or do you want to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it offers?

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Short Sale Riches is a Course that is around 6 weeks long and Nathan will teach you how his system works and how you can be successful.

If you are new to real estate investing Short Sales Can be a little complicated.