Preston Ely’s Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom

Description: Learn unique strategies for easily finding Motivated sellers and matching them with motivated buyers. Wholesaling Houses is the quickest and easiest way to real estate investing success.

My Review: I have read and used this course and believe that it is the best wholesaling course on the market and is actually one of the cheapest. Its only $47.97 and the tips and tricks in the book are amazing. Preston will also Entertain you, he is very funny and makes all the content fun. This book is a must have for anyone interested in real estate investing. Click the Picture To Purchase This Amazing E-Book

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How To Become An REO Rockstar

Description: Wholesaling Bank owned foreclosed properties was once impossible to do. Preston Ely has created a course that will teach you how to flip bank owned houses.

My Review: This is a great course that is full of amazing stuff. Even if you are not big into REO’s Its great. With the huge amount of REO’s on the market theses days there is no reason you should not be flipping REO’s and with this course you will learn to flip them with No Money.

The Course is Pricey but if you are serious about flipping REO’s its well worth it.

I have listened to the audio part around 20 times at the gym and love it. Click The Picture To Purchase The Course

Probates By Preston

Description: Probates by Preston is one of only a few course available that will show you how to effectively market to the overlooked by lucrative probate market.

My Review: I purchased probates by Preston in april 2010 because i wanted to get more of a probate niche in my real estate business. And I will tell you from experience probates are the best leads. My probate direct mail campaign gets at least a 25-50% response rate. Its crazy. I get like 2% response on foreclosure.

Get Probates by Preston. You will Not Regret it. If you are not doing probate investing you are losing the best real estate leads.

And It comes with Preston Ely’s Flipping with out FEAR CD which will change your life, its amazing too.

No Better Probate course out there

Short Sale Riches –

The Best Short Sale Course on the Market

Description: In today’s economy many sellers are over leveraged, which means they owe more than their property is worth. Learn how to by these houses for pennies on the dollar by negotiating with bank. Short Sales have become one of the most popular real estate investing methods.

My Review: I bought this course in November 2009 and let me say its great. I am not a big short sale guy myself but it has some great stuff. If you have ever come across a seller that owes more than the houses is worth then you know how frustrating it can be knowing that you can no help. With this course you can learn how to help sellers who are over leveraged. And learn how to do it with out spending much time. Best short sale course out there by far.

If Nathan “the short sale kid” aka Stick Boy can do it, then anyone can.

Filthy Riches Real Estate Course by Larry Goins

Description: Real Estate System that teaches you how to buy and sell several cheap houses. Larry Goins is the King of flipping houses on the internet.

My Review: I really liked both of Larry’s courses. I think they are pretty much the same. The filthy riches and Ultimate Buying and Selling Machine are very similar. I recommend buying one of them. Filthy Riches is probably better but who knows. I will tell you they are both great courses that will teach you his system of wholesaling cheap properties. Larry also has some great creative financing techniques he uses to sell the properties. I recommend the course just for his great techniques. He also has a great book out, Google it and buy it.

Larry Goins Ultimate Buying Machine

Larry Goins $1 Boot Camp

Get this Course Its Only $1


Great Course that Will Teach you the Basics of Real Estate Investing.

Larry Goins has developed systems to flip cheap houses from your computer at home.

My Review: I think this is the Best Course you can get that is only $1.

Get this course and You will Love it.

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