Some real estate secrets are right out there in the open for everyone to see. The second secret below, for example, is simply to make low offers. Real estate agents and others will argue that you just waste everyone’s time because low offers just aren’t accepted, but common sense and experience say that they do sometimes work. Other secrets are not so obvious, as this first one demonstrates:

Real Estate Secret #1

Get educated.  In order to become a real estate investor you need to get education.  Right now there is more education out there and more and more gurus popping up.  Look into free education like my 7 steps to real estate riches course

This course will help you determine if real estate investing is right for you. Inside the course I reveal all of the real estate secrets you need to know.

Real Estate Secret Making Low Offers

Making low offers on real estate can be a great way to get cheap real estate. But don’t expect to make a few really low offers and snag a great piece of real estate at half-price. We have found that you need to make around 20 to 30 offers to find a good deal.  Now that might be different in every area.

1. Find sellers likely to accept a low offer.  Sellers that need to sell.

2. Make a lot of offers.

Start by identifying “motivated sellers.” A motivated seller is someone that needs to sell because of financial distress or the property is in physical distress.  Find these types of people and you will find good deals.

Make a lot of offers. Most sellers – even motivated ones – will say no to an offer that is 15% to 20% below their asking price. We make offers around 50% of the After repair value.  And we are getting deals like crazy.  But its takes work to find the people willing to sell at that price.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a property in your hands by the time you’ve made 100 offers, you may be going too low on your offers, or targeting the wrong properties

The Number 1 secret for real estate investing is……

Get a Mentor.  A mentor can show you a proven real estate investing system to follow and hold your hand while you are doing real estate deals.

The only reason I have been successful in real estate investing is because I have had a mentor guide me in my real estate investing journey.

If you would like to get real estate coaching go to

Keep learning and growing my friend and you will have success in real estate..

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